May 2019
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Kinderflute is coming to Victoria!

Interested in Kinderflute? You can visit a class at a reduced rate! Send me a message for more details.

My new Kinderflute website is now up and running! Hooray! Visit it at

“My son really enjoyed Kinderflute and he can now correct me at home when I write a wrong note. Lots of different small activities helped my son to concentrate for the 45 minute session. He was very keen to learn!” Mami

Welcome to Kinderflute Victoria! Kinderflute is an exciting, innovative new way to teach music to young children. It was created by award-winning American flutist Kathy Blocki and is based on recent research into neurogenesis (literally, “the birth of neutrons”) which occurs when exercise is combined with learning. Kinderflute combines the learning of music with plenty of fun, lively movement games and exercises– perfect for creative children bursting with energy!

New!! The Kinderflute curriculum now includes piano! Now you don’t have to decide between flute and piano as Kinderflute kids learn basic keyboard skills alongside the flute.

Kinderflute children also learn:

  • breath control
  • body awareness
  • musicality
  • music notation
  • flute fingerings
  • beautiful tone production
  • confidence
  • practising skills

Parents are encouraged to work closely with their children in order to encourage healthy practise skills in a loving, caring environment. Children should be able to identify the letters A, B, C, D, E, F and G by their letter names prior to starting Kinderflute.

A limited number of specially designed child flutes are available to rent from myself. Long and McQuade also have a variety of flutes with curved head joints that are suitable for children. Their flutes can be rented for an affordable monthly rate. Each child will also need Kathy Blocki’s Beginner Flute Method (Book 1, $30) and Kathy Blocki’s Keyboard Fun ($20). These will be ordered for you and will handed out on your third lesson.

If you are interested in registering your child for Kinderflute, please use the contact form on the Contact Page or email me at